Barros Fishing

TBF was born in 1995 , fruit from the experience and a great passion for fishing from Mário Barros , Mário Baptista and Roberto Trabucco. Immediately on its first years, the company provides to all Portuguese anglers the best fishing tackle products one could buy. So, the company starts to have a great success and occupy an important place on the national offer on fishing tackle items. Having a notorious fast growth thanks to a very good feedback from most of the Portuguese anglers, TBF is today undoubtedly one of the best companies in the sector. Not only for the great variety of products but also for the notoriety and achieved trust from most of the Portuguese anglers. BARROS brand is always attentive to fishing’s evolution and to the new product needs , always ahead on research and development of every time better products.

Some of the flagship products , such as float fishing rods for the Algarve , match fishing rods for waggler fishing , surf casting rods or even sea float fishing rods , have reached levels of sales and success , never before achieved from a national brand. Some of these products are the company’s reference.

Being able to offer great quality products , on which anglers can trust and take the best advantages, represents in short, the company’s purpose. This is the spirit within all the products are developed and tested to the limit by BARROS , which represents the best compromise between the company , the national anglers and the rest of the world.

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